Lessons About Moving Abroad

Overcoming the 5 Big Obstacles to Retiring Abroad

Pier in Placencia, Belize – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingAfter a year and a half of reading over 4,700 answers and 200 stories posted by the expat experts who contribute to Best Places, I've learned a thing or two.
Below is an article I was asked to write for Next Avenue, a website whose media partners include PBS, Huffington Post, etc., and run by very talented and accomplished public television people and journalists.
This article represents the distilled wisdom of...

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Buying Real Estate In Panama

Try Panama Team – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living

Wow! You have just finished reading a local paper and you have seen 14 different 'Realtors' advertised! 

How do you know which one to choose? Do you go for the one with the biggest ad ("they must be successful, right?") or the one with the nicest looking ad, or the one that has pictures of the Realtors? ("I like the look of those people.  They look honest and trustworthy") 

Well, my advice is, you go for the one that...

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Advice and Observations About Life In Another Country From Someone Who’s Been To Over 40 of Them

[Editor's note: When Jet Metier couldn’t conduct the interview of Robert Adams, Chuck Bolotin, the Vice President of Business Development at Best Places had to step in.  Luckily, Robert Adams (AKA, Bob Adams) saved the day.]
We visit with Bob as he gives us the benefit of his experiences and the very valuable and unique insights he gained from working or living in over 40 countries and talking with thousands of expats.
Chuck: Thank you, Bob, for agreeing to be...

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Watch What You Say, You May Be Taken Seriously

Across from our high rise in Coronado was once a small hostel, and its owner was a friend of ours.  But he had some quirks.  He liked animals.  Once he bought two large roosters, and they loved to crow at all times of the day.  One week I had a Colombian painter in my place doing some work, and the roosters started crowing.  I told him I wished those things would get lost.  Next morning he arrived with a box of doughnuts.  I figured that was nice of him,...

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The Benefits of Being Bilingual

Ok, so I’m British, and for me it is all about good manners, I was coming to live in a Spanish speaking country, so the least I could do was to learn the language! “How hard could it be?” I asked myself!
Well, when my family and I started this adventure back in 2012, we took Spanish lessons every time we visited Panama, because right from the start, it was apparent that English was not widely spoken and if we were to live here, we really needed to be able to communicate! Of...

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The Most Important Thing To Do When You Move To Panama

Presented with permission from Bob Adams of Retirement Wave
Folks often ask me what’s important that I do when I get to Panama.
“Do I need to learn the language?”
“Is there some place I can go to learn the culture?”
“Should I travel around the country?”
Basically, while all these things are interesting and they’re good things to do, the most important thing for the entirety of the time you’re here, in...

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Why Panama?

Beach in Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingI have met and spoken with many North American ex-pats while in Panama. I'm a curious guy, and one of the questions I often asked was why they were there. The answers weren't all that surprising to me.
A guy waiting to get at his safety deposit box, in my Panamanian bank, told me he retired to Panama at age 58 because he could. He could never, he said, do that in the United States. Was he happy with his decision? Yes.
There are a lot...

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Advice to Anyone Moving to Panama

Here is some advice for people moving here from other countries:
The path is always easier here if you get to know people. Knowledgeable locals can give valuable advice on how best to do something, and they can also mention you to people who make a difference such that, when your situation comes up, they don't say to themselves, “Hmm, another gringo situation I can just toss into the basura,” or, “Another gringo I can exploit for a little extra...

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When in Rome do as the Romans do

San Blas Islands, Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living
I have lived in four countries, Spain, Ireland, United States and Panama. My advice when moving abroad is to make sure you can adjust your self to the new culture and traditions of the country you are going to live in. Do some research, learn about the customs and traditions. Be open minded, be prepared to learn new things. Be positive, I strongly recommend you to mingle with the locals.
My own personal...

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