Medical Services in Panamá for Tourists

I just want to bring up some information that very few visiting Panamá are aware of.
If you are a visitor, for the first 30 days, you are 100% covered with medical services, totally free of charge.  This is a courtesy service  provided by the Tourism Department.
This free coverage includes home (hotel) visits, hospital, or whatever you need to get better, and doctors speak English.
Even if your health issue is only something you think is not an emergency, don´t take any chances.  Just ask for your brochure at the airport, (or cruise ship) upon your arrival.  The hotels should also have this information available.  Panamá is the only country that offers this service.  That´s one of the ways how Panama values its visitors, and shows her appreciation for visiting the country.  They want you to stay healthy, happy and have the greatest experience.
Sorry I don´t have the direct phone number available, but the number to the Tourism Bureau switchboard is: +(507) 526-7000.
[Editor’s note: According to a press release August 1, 2014, the Panama Authority of Tourism stated that no charge tourist insurance coverage is no longer being offered.]

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