Best Things About Moving To Panama

Our Amazing Tortolito Tale

I hate to be a copy-cat but I have a bird story too. My wife (Eneida) has a small house she rents and one day she returned to our condo, after working in the garden of her house, with a small cardboard box.  “Guess what this is”, she said. She opened the lid and there, nestled in some paper towel was a tiny, almost necked baby bird. Its eyes weren’t even open yet and she explained it fell out of a nest in a bush she was trimming and she didn’t know what else to do with it,...

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What it's like living in Panama

If you like warm weather and a slower pace of life then Panama is a perfect place for you.

I get tons of emails asking why I moved to Panama and what it’s like here.Pedasi, Azuero Peninsula, Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living

I say why not! Panama is affordable and gives me everything I need. There is so much life here! Amazing fishing, surfing, beautiful birds and flowers and the people are so nice. I am constantly greeted as I walk through my little town of Pedasi with “Buenas” (the local way...

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Best Places In The World To Retire