The "Black Friday" Phenomenon in Panamá

Panamá, trade center.
One more time, Panamá honors its history of being "World Center and Heart of the Universe", as his canal slogan says.
Since 1960 when this idea was taken in consideration, mainly in the United States, lately, due the great success in sales, several countries have adopted the idea to increase their economies.  But the phenomenon was Panama this past Nov. 29, so called:  "Black Friday".
The event was advertised internationally and hundreds of thousands of tourists visited Panamá to do their holiday shopping.
More amazingly was the public reaction to this incredible day.  Shoppers literally slept outside the stores to be the first ones when the doors open.  It is a great thing that Panamá has the privileged weather and beautiful moon.  Not one mall was exempt from this great sale.  From shoes to electronics, with discounts up to 70%, the stores were empty at the end of the weekend... because the sales went beyond Friday and it was an "extended Black Friday" through the weekend.
It was an astonishing view to see the people in the lines in every store...(and outside the store) who patiently (and some times, not so patiently)  were waiting for the purchases, and probably making new friends in line.
But the truth is that Black Friday brought life to the already brilliant economy in Panamá, and thousands of people are already getting their "ideas" for next year.  And, it made many people very happy getting their things at a very good price.

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