Proud History of Panamá

The theme of Panamá has always had worldwide importance, especially related Panamá's great importance in trade, commerce and American history.  In 2013 we commemorate our 500 year anniversary of the discovery of the isthmus and the Pacific Ocean, and also when the first Catholic community was established in the American continent, our Lady of Santa María la Antigua.  These are proud legacies from Panama to the world, not to mention the greatest project of all time: The Panama Canal, which unites the world into one location and one heart..."pro mundi beneficio" ("for the worldwide benefit").
As part of many important celebrations, a beautiful and unique four acre park will be inaugurated in September in Punta Paitilla, Panama City, facing the ocean and "Cinta Costera".  This park will feature a fountain denoting both oceans that surround the Isthmus and a beautiful fountain that represents Panamá's nine provinces, among other historical issues.  Many important historical conventions, seminars and presentations from all the world are planned for a whole year of celebrations.  Panamá´s gift to the world.

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