Bi-Cultural Experiences

For 65 million years, the world has changed, and those in the human race interacted with one another.  People change where they live for convenience, and most of all, for personal choices, and to seek happiness and quality of life.
From personal experience, after having been an expat in the US for 23 years myself, I can surely and candidly say that moving to a different country which brings you their best and opens their doors for you is a gift.  Not everyone can enjoy that experience.  Now, in our golden years, we chose to go back to Panamá to care for my in-laws, but always distributing our time between our "two homes" and our precious family.
Your personal attitude is what it will make you happy or unhappy; it´s your choice.  Embracing the culture of another country will make you live a unique experience; not comparing, but enjoying every detail of that country that offers you everything they have.  You have the freedom of always returning to your country of origin, or to build your "kingdom" the best you can, wherever you feel more comfortable: beach, mountain, valley, country, city, small or big town, a cabin or big mansion, an island or a boat; its up to you.  Panama offers it all.  Its just matter of looking for your preferences.
Living a bi-cultural experience is your choice, nobody else's.  Lots of people around the world have experienced that, and live happily ever after. Besides, you can contribute a great deal to your new country, and feel so good about it.  We have many expats friends who live a full life in Panamá, and enjoy it to a maximum day by day.

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