Panama's South Caribbean Coast, The City and Province Of Colon

Sometimes when people hear about Colon, Panama they quickly think "not Colon, that's not where I want to be".  That is what I thought years ago when I arrived in Panama at the Port of Colon on a cruise ship. The cruise ship posted cautions about going into the City of Colon.  The ship did offer many side-tours from the Port of Colon, however.
Back then on the cruise ship - 1985 if I remember correctly, all I needed to hear was one thing ... don't go into Colon ... So I didn't!  Years later I changed my mind (for good reasons) and I live in Colon Province now on Panama's South Caribbean Coast.
When you think about Colon it is important to know that Colon is a city and Colon is also a Province of Panama.  The Province of Colon is a really big area containing some of the most pristine coastline in the country.  I live about 40 minutes by car from the City of Colon, just one block away from the Caribbean Ocean, complete with wonderful beaches, two off-shore reefs which come right up to the shoreline and are walk-able at low tide.  Great fishing, boating, snorkeling and scuba diving are right outside my door here.
There are several good restaurants within an easy drive and several new mega-resorts are either under construction or will be started very shortly.  I believe Colon Province is a great place to live and retire.
Over the years, things have changed a lot in the City of Colon as well.  A large, beautiful new hospital is under construction and a new International Airport is being built in Colon as I write this story.  Colon City is where my wife and I do most of our shopping.  We feel very safe in the City of Colon, as we do in Panama City. 
There is a good shopping mall called Cuatro Altos just before coming into Colon City Center and a wonderful private hospital (where we see our family doctor and specialists who all speak English and Spanish) with prices much lower than Panama City.  Our dentist (who has a large and modern office with modern and extensive equipment) is located in Colon City.  Our dentists  are also fluent in English and Spanish.  Our auto mechanic has a large garage in Colon City and he speaks great English.
With the expansion of the Panama Canal new construction is booming in Colon.  The Colon Corridor (a new multi-lane highway) into the city is nearing completion.  When finished the driving in Colon City will be greatly improved.  A new bridge over the Panama Canal has been announced for Colon. 
I must say Colon is not the place it used to be.  Much in the City of Colon is changing as well.  Old buildings are being torn down or modernized, new housing communities are being built just outside of town and although I am not "privy" to the Big Story for Colon's near future, I believe Colon City would be a very good bet for an investment.  Years ago Colon City was a magnificent City .... Beautiful with grand homes and tree-lined streets.  It took a lot of years of neglect to mess it u in Colon but I believe things are already changing there. 
My money is on Colon for the future. Colon has the Panama Free-Zone (a very important place in Panama) and I believe the Ports in Colon are responsible for bringing in more money for Panama than any other place in the country.  The City of Colon is very important to Panama's future and the Province of Colon is being discovered, invested in, and moved to.  I highly suggest you check out the Province of Colon and the South Caribbean Coast while the "getting is still good".

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