Panamanian Music / Great Musician

Panamá is very small country, but full of surprises.  From biodiversity to pre-colony (15th century) famous path, to music, to technology and growth.
But I want to refer specifically to one man who made the difference in music.  Born and raised in Panamá, he become an icon to locals, and is internationally known.  His name was LUCHO  AZCARRAGA.  He was called to entertain at every important  public or private event.
You know what they say: "An image says more than thousand words... " I want to share with you this video.... enjoy. It includes lots of sites in Panamá and runs 3:08.  If you want to see it full screen, please click on the icon at the bottom right.  The song is:  Panamá Viejo  (Old Panama).

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