PANAMA, the Country

Panamá, one the smallest countries in the American continent, with just  3.5 million inhabitants nationwide, is one of the greatest countries in terms of importance, history and tradition.
The only place on earth in which you can scuba dive on both Pacific and Atlantic ocean the same day without getting on a plane.  Great...ahh?   The only one that joins the world through one of the Eight Wonders of the World...the Panamá Canal.  The only one that everyone is seeking a piece of land in which to retire, or to get better quality of life; the only one that,, through many efforts and sacrifices is a great country, with many things to offer.  For example:
  • Warm people.
  • One of the most bio-diversified areas of natural life in the world, with their prime virgin forest and rainforests with over 900 exotic and regular kinds of birds, plants and animals in their territory.
  • Ancient traditions and history to share with visitors in the most open way.
  • White and black sand beaches, beautiful mountains, different regional temperatures to indulge even the most demanding visitor.
  • The leading modern technology and architecture in the region.
  • One of the few countries that had been able to successfully survive in the present financial worldwide crisis, thanks to many local and international factors, led by Panamanian professionals with great vision of the future, who have been able to work together for the benefit of their country, putting behind old intrigues and discrimination from other countries.
  • The Panamá Canal.  Working hand-in-hand with the French and US governments to allow the world to benefit from a great and historical mega project like the Panamá Canal for future generations, the Panamá Canal is a project that Panamanians have successfully carried on, bringing great benefits, not only for the world, but for education and development in the country, that in addition to countless mega projects like the new metro, makes of Panama the leading country in Central America, especially on an economic level.
Even though the growth of this country is attributed to Panamanians who have greatly contributed to make the modern country that we enjoy today, Panama has partnered with other countries like the US and France, starting at the beginning of the 19th century, after the INDEPENDENCE from Spain in 1821 and SEPARATION of the Great Colombia in 1903, because Panamanians wanted a better quality of life.  The first Panama / US treaty for the construction of the canal stated that the US will keep most of the benefits, paying Panama one million dollars annually.  For many years the US enjoyed this large piece of land with numerous benefits, including having military bases in this territory in which restrictions where established for Panamanians to enter, and that kept the majority of profits of the Panama Canal until 1999, when the territory was returned to Panama, after signing a treaty between both countries, for mutual benefit.
Panamá has always welcomed and hosted visitors and foreign residents from all over the world, and is most accommodating with speakers of all languages who have found in Panamá a well-established  and safe place to live or visit, and to enjoy all the beautiful and modern things that Panamá has to offer.    Panama is not a perfect country, and there are many things to be fixed... but day by day things are getting better and better.

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