Panamá, A New Dream

Dreams can easily reached, if you work towards them.  In the beginning, don't set long term goals; always start with near-term ones.  Work on a day-to-day basis with ordinary  facts, and soon you will realize that your dream is closer than you think.
When we are young, we hardly think about the future; we think we have a long time still ahead.  But one day, we realize we are not so young, and time has gone by so fast.  Some things that we wished for will not happen.  Our star seems to be so far away.
But it does not have to be that way. 
Many young couples start planning at a very early age; their family, their future, their retirement.  Based on several facts, they chose schools, neighborhoods, their level of safety and places where they can be happy, and get good job opportunities.
But what happens with relocation, or retirement?  It is so difficult to make these decisions. On what should a person base such a lifetime decision?
The most important thing, in my opinion, should be if your decision will help to fulfill your dreams.  And that is the reason why many thousands of people are seeking Panamá as their dream place to live, or to have their business.  But how does that work?  Do they just take an airplane with their luggage and move?  Wrong...   There are many things involved.
You might question yourself: Is this country my ideal destination?  How are the people there?  Will I adjust to my new life?  Will I be able to accommodate to their traditions and way of life?
Well, life in Panamá, as many foreigners say is "just the way it should be."  Life in Panamá is enjoyable and substantially bellow the average cost of living in other countries.  Where else can you find warm people, accommodating to visitors of any language; a beautiful environment full of flowers, rivers, mountains, and beaches; tremendous cosmopolitan and modern cities and towns; picturesque villages full of butterflies and birds; one of the Eight Wonders of the World, the famous Panama Canal; beautiful islands, modern malls, stores of any and all types from the most modest budget to the most expensive  brands of Milán and Paris?
Where else in the world, can you go scuba diving or surfing in different two oceans the same day?  (In Panamá, you can start in Portobello, at the Atlantic Ocean / Caribbean, and end up in Coronado or Santa Catalina, on the Pacific Ocean.)
The banking in Panamá is among the most respected in the world. The  economy in Panamá is the envy of the world, that, with the crisis all over, maintains a growth rate of an average of 7% or more.  The merchant fleet of Panamá is one of biggest in the world. Panamá​ is called the HUB of the Américas in logistic, Multimodal, ports, airports and so many other points of interest.  And every day something new arises in Panamá​ to the surprise of the world.
Many more things can be said, but this sums it up: Panamá is certainly  one of a kind.  It might not have millions of millions of inhabitants (it has only 3.5 million) or belong to the G-8 group, but Panamá is a unique country... A New Dream... with hammocks to relax away a good part of your day, and live a good simple life or any life you like.  Panamá is not perfect (no place is), but it is always working towards a better future.

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