My Life in Panama Has Been Filled with Adventure, Travel and New Stuff

I have been an adventurer for many years.  I sold my house and most of my stuff at age 42, bought a travel trailer and tow vehicle and traveled for three years, living in the trailer, then a 5th wheel and finally a motorhome.
My wife and I then formed an RV tour company which became a worldwide operation.  We sold the tour company in 2000.  I fiddled around with different things (including being a real estate broker in Las Vegas) for awhile   .... and then I discovered Panama.
Panama has been a great adventure for me.  I have traveled most of the entire country several times in the seven years I have lived here, gone horseback riding in the mountains looking at property and lived in two different apartments in Panama City.  I rented  two houses in Penonome (in the middle of Panama) as well.
My wife's three children moved in with us for a couple of years.  That's why we moved to Penonome ... to have better schools for the kids.   Any's oldest son went to chef school in the city of Citre, her daughter continued her college studies in Penonome and her younger son went to grade school in Penenome.  After a couple of years the two older children went back to Colombia and we moved back to our home in San Marino Oceanfront (near Portobello, Colon) on the Caribbean Ocean with Any's youngest son.
San Marino is a great place for us with lots of beach, two offshore reefs (we walk on during low tide) and more peace and quiet than I have ever had in my life.  It is the best place to get calm and relaxed.  I believe Panama's Caribbean side is one the country's best kept secrets.  More and more people are discovering its unique beauty and possibilities every year.  I believe the Caribbean is an area you should discover when you come to Panama.
My daughter who lives in San Diego, CA has been to our Panama home two times.  The first time she was here we chartered a sail boat and set off to the San Blas Islands (on the Caribbean Coast).  We had great family time and my wife's youngest son found out a little about what life is like in Panama.
My wife and I are artists and we spend most of our time at our home on the back patio working on custom artwork.  It started as a fun hobby and developed into an interesting, fun business.  We have had hundreds of great adventures in Panama and we look forward to "Gazillions" more.

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