Friendship in Panamá

Panamá, Friendly and Warm
It is a phenomenon that everyone wants to visit Panamá, and beyond that, to retire in this little, but exceptional place.
You might say:  "Well, it´s like every other country in Latin América"... a little noisy perhaps, lots of traffic, a combination of old and modern architecture,  exceptional rainforest, good and relaxing life, family oriented... just to mention some of the features that attract people to move abroad.  But, in addition to having one of the Eight Wonders of the World (the Panamá Canal), beautiful towns, rivers, mountains and beaches, and all of the above, Panamá has a singularity: it´s Panamá.  There is no other place like this.  What you see and experience in this little country is beyond explanation.
It starts with the people of Panamá: warm and friendly, attributes of your new neighbors that mark the beginning of a happy journey, if you are considering retiring to a different country.  You might have to adjust a little, though, but every experience is a new challenge, which is a good part.  It´s like you have had lived here all your life; and very convenient, because you always find a place that accommodates your particular needs.  Warm weather in the city or the beach, cool weather in the mountains, like in Boquete, Altos de María or El Valle de Antón.  Single family homes between villages where you can easily interact with locals, or in a fancy gated residential complex.  You name it, you find it.
Once you have made your decision, a new  pleasant journey begins...   meet new people, new places, enjoy those vacations you never before had the time or money to experience.
Panamá is a mixture of old and modern culture; full of history.  Panamanians are sympathetic, very warm and make it their business that nobody feels like an outsider in this country, if they follow the law.   Panamanians will talk to you even though they don´t know you, and will make their best effort to speak in your language, or somehow, communicate with you. 

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