Hospital Insurance in Panama

My husband is 73 and he was on several medications over the last few years in America. We have been in Panama only 10 months and he has cut his medications in half. He feels better, has more energy and feels less stressed. We attribute our good health to foods, climate, and less stressful lifestyle here. He has lost over 12 pounds, walks often and enjoys our life here.
We were paying almost $700 per month additional to Medicare for supplemental insurance for both of us, that included a cancer policy.
Here we pay $147 for both of us with MS Chiriqui Hospital. They do not write policies for people over 62 years old in Panama. Rates are based on age, physical and medications. Our hospital is in the third largest city in Panama. The policy covers us fully in two years, pre-existing conditions are noted when you fill out the application and take the physical. We took a cancer policy as well and it costs us $108 a year. Less than one month's premium in the states! The policy covers most basic things; a $25,000 annual limit for each insured is adequate considering the low cost of treatments and services. A doctor visit may cost a bit more for the initial visit but thereafter it is usually $10 here in Boquete. Medications are mostly cheaper or affordable. I had a kidney stone and the doctor ordered an EKG to rule out any heart issues. The EKG cost me $15.00; the equipment is old but it works.
My husband still takes a blood thinner and his INR tests cost $6 each, he does take it once a month currently.
Many people purchase international policies with higher deductibles that can be used all over the world. This type of insurance is more expensive but it pays more than the hospital plans available here in Panama.
The MS Chiriqui policy is adequate. We pay 20% on most services and treatments. Some items cost more. There is a deductible for a hospital stay or surgery.  Google "MS Chiriqui Hospital Insurance" and you will get the information you need. We are only 30 to 40 minutes away from the hospital. There is an ambulance in Boquete; doctors and some make house calls still, pharmacies and nurses are available, too.

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