Best Things About Moving Abroad

Hanging Around My Place In Limones Looking At The Ocean

It is 83 degrees in my bedroom with all the doors and windows open, the black beach dog is up to her neck checking the gillnet for fish as the tide comes and the endless cycle continues. The dogs don't realize that my watchman has already claimed the half dozen green jacks that were caught overnight
and probably eaten them already. Timing is everything on the beach, if you miss the tide you have to walk to my house and carry the groceries bought back in the world of grocery...

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The Greatest Lessons Learned By Living Abroad

My family and I moved to Central American in 2000 with the idea of blue skies and sunshine.  Never heard of culture shock, never imagined or dreamed there would be a problem adjusting to our surroundings because everything we had read said that we would LOVE it!!!  Much to our dismay, all that we had read was not exactly accurate. While my husband was in an office that had to speak English and my boys were immersed in football where they didn't care what language was spoken, my...

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This is Beautiful Playa Venao, Panamá...

Beautiful Playa Venao has been my passion for many years, 
Private home in Venao, near Pedasi, Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living
and this is the area I moved to a long time ago, in 1985. I was lucky to get to know Panama from the "inside out", being exposed to the folklore of the Los Santos Province and its music and festivities.  
Getting to know some deep traditions was the highlight of my move abroad, my kids growing up in a sane and safe environment with Spanish being...

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Best Places In The World To Retire