Patriots in Panama; No More, No Less

A Proud Marine 2014, my granson Dakota John Franklin – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingWe have many friends who are living the day-to-day hardship of the crisis in America. They choose to stay and deal with the political, economic and emotional stress on a daily basis. It takes a toll on everyone of all ages. 
My husband and I chose to leave in hopes we could find a less stressful lifestyle. We wanted to be able to afford a more comfortable life in a climate that seems to boost our spirits. We found it in Boquete, Panama! Along with thousands of other ex-pats we have settled into a life we didn't think possible any more in the states.
No, we are not rich! We have little savings and have had to deal with not being with family and friends on special occasions, that smarts a bit, too. However, my husband has been a wonderful support for me and I am his rock. We enjoy Skype and emails and other social medias to keep in touch with those we left behind.  We are not far away considering the flights to the USA. We miss them and they miss us.  However they are doing fine and we are better off than we have been in years.
The thing that is the worst part of moving to Panama, or any place other than within the USA, is that people who know that you love them, love God, and love America sometimes infer that once you've moved you have no right to say anything or otherwise express an opinion about the political mess in the US! I did not give up my citizenship and neither did anyone else I know; nope. This move is about survival for us. At our age this move is the smartest thing we have done. We are citizens of the United States of America and even though we are in Panama we do not plan to change our citizenship unless things get much worse. We are patriots like so many others here.  We care and we watch and we wait. God bless the USA!
The photo is of our grandson Dakota John Franklin, a proud US Marine this year, 2014 and only 19 years old.

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