Settled Happily Here In Panamá

Having spent around 5 years researching the best places to retire my wife and I decided that Panama was the best place. We arranged an exploratory trip to judge first hand. We selected a bed and breakfast in Ancon which is strategically placed for easy access to the important places of interest and conveniently just 5 minutes drive to the bridge of the Americas. Nearby Albrook airport was the perfect place to rent a car and only 10 minutes away in a cab.
After seeing the city and sights we took off after 3 days and explored most of the areas in Panama which we had researched. We found everyone so helpful and really fell in love with Panama generally.
I an British and my wife is Dutch. We spent over 40 years in Spain between us. Due to the crisis there I was glad to close my business which was a law office, business consultancy and accounting firm, having lost a huge amount of clients who were forced to close down during the crisis in Spain. This was two and a half years ago.
Our house was not selling in Spain and the prices there almost halved so we thought we would never make it to Panama! However some 3 or 4 months later we received an email from the owner of the Bed and Breakfast where we had stayed and with whom we had struck up a friendship. He asked if we would be interested in coming to Panama to manage his bed and breakfast, so we have been here two and a half years now!! Maybe it was fate as it was so unexpected. Of course we speak Spanish and that helped a great deal. We have made good friends with many of our guests from all countries many of whom have moved here too after visiting. We have made good friends with Panamanians and were fortunate to find an excellent and efficient lawyer too, which can be difficult here.
So, in conclusion:-  Very are happy here and will eventually buy property to live in in the countryside and not too far from the beach. It is still possible to buy at good prices if you know where to look. Prices are rising fast and the future of the country looks very good. We will be here permanently for sure.

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