Nicaragua Civil Unrest or ?

We have been in Nicaragua since 2006 and it has been 11+ years of frustration and work. It has never been boring. The past year has felt different. There was a feeling of increased tension happening that we were beginning to notice. We at first thought it was resistance to the increasing modernization. But it now appears that it was civil and political tension.

The past 35 days have been taxing to put it mildly. We thought we had a bug out plan but the continued protest marches and the tranques (barricades placed across roads) have cut our access to the airport in Managua and the Honduran border to the north. So now we sit in our home unwilling prisoners in this "Civil Unrest”. “Civil unrest” that is what the U.S. Embassy is calling it.

But I keep asking myself at what point do you call it a rebellion, or revolution, or civil war. What is the magic number of body count and injured? The Inter-American commission on Human Rights puts the present death toll at 76, almost 900 injured and more then 300 arrested so far. So we are here dealing with the fuel, lp gas, and food shortages on a day to day basis, dealing with the fear of robbery and looting.

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