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Paul Daemen of Aurora Granada – Best Places In The World To Retire User Account
We spent quite a few weeks in Granada, while we where house hunting. We decided because Granada was busy with lot of merchants, business and just people and traffic that we wanted to live in a smaller town.
Granada has over 125,000 people and we ended finding a rural home in the town of Diria, a community of approximately 5,000 people.  However the biggest difference between the two communities is things to do during the day and evening. Granada certainly has more action and things to do and places to eat, but in the summer months it can be quite warm. If you are looking for things to do and desire an active lifestyle with lots of interaction we do recommend Granada as the place to reside. We do caution you that the Calzada or the entertainment district can be quite noisy and very active.
When looking for a home in Granada take into account the noise from music, firecrackers, and traffic. Do visit the home you like early am and late pm to get a good feel for the area before you commit to a contract!
Welcome to Granada......
Carmen Sequeira of Avenicaraguita Spanish School – Best Places In The World To Retire User Account
Granada, Nicaragua town hall – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingMy typical day in Granada, Nicaragua starts with me getting ready for work, then walking to work (because everything is very close by), getting some sun, and I eat lunch usually at home.
Granada is a colonial town, so while you are walking down the street, you will see lots of colors and lots of colonial houses. They are very bright, so it is really nice walking around in Granada.
When I go out in the morning to walk to work, the first thing I see is the beautiful Mombacho Volcano. It is a huge volcano with all these trees, and clouds around it. Then I see the supermarket and the kids in their blue and white uniforms who are out to go to school with their moms, which is very cute. Then I walk past by the Poet’s Park and the old train station, which is bright red. I then cross the main street, where all the rich people’s houses are. I then reach the main plaza where the Cathedral is located. It is bright yellow. Anywhere I go, I’m still looking at Mombacho.
When I need to go out for lunch, I just also walk because I work close to Calzada Street (the main shopping, restaurant and entertainment area of Granada). Also, we are just right across from TelePizza, which is a pizza place, so I can just grab lunch across from my work. Life here in Granada is very convenient because everything is very close by.
After work, I go home, and sometimes I go out after work, too. Life here in Granada is very calm. Granada is a very calm city where you can relax.
Carlos Roman Gutierrez Solis of Casa Granada Properties – Best Places In The World To Retire User Account
Outside of a store in Granada, Nicaragua – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living
The typical day for an expat in Granada would probably include drinking beer, going shopping, having dinner, exercising, going to the gym, getting a massage, or going shopping in Managua. They also like taking trips to the ocean with friends or they go to the island and spend some time there. Some expats play poker to pass the time. They keep themselves busy here.
Some expats are willing to work with locals in non-profit organizations. Some focus on teaching and some are focused on getting dogs out of the streets. They teach English to the locals, too.
David Smith of Farmland Assets – Best Places In The World To Retire User Account
Granada, Nicaragua is a quaint, small town Parque Central in Granada Nicaragua – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Livingof about 125,000 people.  There’s a lot of street activity.  Everyone is out in the morning doing their shopping and you have your normal business day.  In the evenings and on the weekends, it’s basically a family time and people come to the park and they also go to some of the surrounding areas like the isletas [hundreds of small islands in Lake Nicaragua].  They take rides around the islands, and people go to Lake Nicaragua and they also go to Laguna Apoyo, which is a few miles away and go swimming.
You have your busy traffic days in Granada, but most of the time after the work day and on the weekends, its pretty quiet.  You can pretty much walk basically anywhere you want to go.  Everything is centered around the central park area.  It’s just small town living.  Most people know each other.  Certainly, you can live here in Granada a week and everyone will know your name.  Even most of the non-expats will know your name eventually.
Living in Granada, Nicaragua is small town living similar to any small town anywhere in the world.  When you live in a small town, everybody knows you or knows something about you, but its for the most part harmless and quaint.  Everyone seems to know everyone and get along well.  If you meet most of the expats you‘ll see them again at some point over the next two or three days at a restaurant or other location.  The same is true of the other locals.  There’s a lot of interaction and socialization in the streets and in the parks.
A typical day for me in Granada would include having my breakfast at one of the expat restaurants.  You’ll have coffee there.  People who you know will come by so you spent maybe a half an hour just saying hello to people.  And then you do your banking and shopping just like everyone else. You can walk through the park and have an iced tea or one of the local dishes.  You can have your shoes shined if you like.  If you have a car parked somewhere, there’s usually a guy who will ask you if you want to have your car washed while you’re running errands.  It’s just a normal, every day life, just like anywhere else; you just happen to be surrounded by beautiful colonial homes and buildings, and its very laid back.
Nica Dean – Best Places In The World To Retire User Account

Granada is very special but don't put too much weight in answers from real estate agents as they are always biased. They won't mention the heat that makes it an ordeal to walk around during the day. Electricity is very expensive so air conditioning is a luxury item. Then there are all the street beggars that become annoying. If you don't speak Spanish you will become isolated with only tourists and other expats for company. In December people are constantly lighting loud firecrackers and shooting off rockets. The nice colonial areas have seen their property values skyrocket so buying is not cheap. When the newness wears off you will need something to do!

Janice Gallagher of Granada Property Services – Best Places In The World To Retire User Account
Granada, Nicaragua is very safe.  It’s a little Granada, Nicaragua, rooftops and mountains – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Livingbit noisy because there are, for example, four churches on one road, so you can hear bells a lot.   You also get the noise from taxis and the road in general.
Granada, Nicaragua is very convenient.  It’s easy to walk around.  You can get almost anything you want in Granada.  Granada is a very cultural city, so you can see different types of world-class music, dancers, and performers.  There are several different companies who come to town, including one from Spain.
So you can get a lot of culture here, but to me, the biggest reason Granada is a great place is because there’s a great community of expats who live here.  As a result, there’s dinner clubs, movie clubs, dance lessons, and well as many other things to do.
Living in Granada, Nicaragua gives you Cathedral in Granada, Nicaragua – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Livingexperience from a broad spectrum of people and activities.  People from all over the world live here, which provide you with a great cultural experience.
On a typical day, people may go shopping.  There are a couple of grocery stores here, so lots of expats will do that.  There are art classes that several expats will take.
On a personal level, once or twice a week, we’ll all go out to lunch together to try some of the new restaurants.  In the afternoon, a couple of times a week, we meet at Calle la Calzada, which is a tourist area where we have drinks and share each other’s day.  Every night, there’s usually something going on, whether it’s dance or music, or a new opening of a hotel.
With the grocery stores close by, you don’t have to shop daily like we used to, which is nice.  However, if you want fresh food, just wait long enough and you’ll find someone coming down the street with fresh fish to sell.  Or, you can buy a broom or sunglasses.
People walk everywhere in Granada.  So, just going to the bank, you’ll run into several friends.  Granada is a small town but with a lot of really great expats living here and a great community.

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