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Gonzalo de la Guardia of Panasurance – Best Places In The World To Retire User Account
Panama City, Panama, skyline with clouds as viewed from the ocean – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingMost of the cities of Panama are on the Pacific side. The main cities are Panama City, David (which is close to Costa Rica), and in between, there is Santiago, Veraguas and Las Tablas. The big cities are Panama City, David, and Colon, which is on the Atlantic side.
Panama City is full of skyscrapers and you would think that you are in Miami, Florida. It is very modern. We added a Metro a couple of months ago in the city. Panama City is a very busy city and you can find whatever you are looking for; be it food in supermarkets, medical treatment, a car, you name it and you will find it in Panama City.
On the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal is the city of Colon. Colon used to be booming town some sixty years ago during the war because all the ships would stop there, so it was a party place. It had its golden years then. After that, it declined and now it is not a very attractive place to reside. It is a business center for the Free Zone and it has some wonderful beaches, but it is not attractive for living like Panama City.
The town of David is close to the Costa Rican border. It is a fairly large town. You can live well in David and you will have access to the highlands, where the climate is cooler. David is about half an hour from Boquete and Cerro Punta.
You will also find other smaller cities like Santiago, Veraguas, Las Tablas and Pedasi, which are small towns where you will not find everything, but you can always go out to the larger cities, which are generally close by.
To me, Panama City is the place to live because I have everything I need here. During the week we live in the city and on weekends we take off to the beach or the highlands like El Valle de Anton, which are just a couple of hours away from Panama City. El Valle de Anton is a beautiful place. It is the vacation place for city dwellers.
Robert Adams of Retirement Wave – Best Places In The World To Retire User Account
Transcribed by permission from a video by Bob Adams of Retirement Wave.
This is a very basic introduction to the map of Panama.   I’ll cover two topics: 
  1. What’s the about the Pacific Ocean being located to the south [of Panama]?
  2. What’s a “comarca”?
Let’s take a quick look at the map.
Panama is located in the Western hemisphere.  Most nations in the Western hemisphere think of the Atlantic ocean as always being to the east and the Pacific ocean as being to the west.  Not in Panama.  You an see that Panama is the link between north and south but it turns east to make the connection.  In Panama the Atlantic is to the north and the Pacific is to the south.  We stretch from west to east.  Costa Rica is to our west, not our north and Colombia is to our east, not our south; two common mistakes made by new arrivals.
Map of Panama showing comarcas – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingHere is a map of Panama that you may have seen several times already on the Internet.  Can you buy, rent or build anywhere in Panama?  No, some areas are set aside for our native American population and their land and homes are not for sale.  They are called “comarcas”.  Here the comarcas are circled in blue.  Ngobe Bugle to the west, Kuma Yala along the coast to the northeast, and Embera Wounaan in the east is divided into two sections.
In addition there are two subdivisions of comarcas not shown on the map, but shown here as two red circles.  Finally, the green rectangle to the east is a very rough approximation of the Darien Gap, an area covered with heavy rainforest running along Panama’s eastern boarder with Colombia and also not home to expatriates.
A friend helped me by whiting out the comarcas and making the Darien Gap gray so you can see the colored portions of the map, which are available for your consideration as a home.  The others can certainly be visited and they should be.  They are beautiful; just not available.

Lucia Haines of Panama Realtor Inc. – Best Places In The World To Retire User Account
Panama City, by far, is the largest and most developed city in the Republic.  No other city in Panama compares in size, amenities, infrastructure, shopping and restaurants. Approximately 2/3rds of Panama's population resides in Panama City and San Miguelito. 
Colon is the 2nd largest city in Panama, and home of the Colon Free Trade zone which is the 2nd largest free trade zone in the world.  Colon is also the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal and its population is approximately 233,000  
David is the 3rd largest city of Panama and the capital of the province of David with a population of approximately 145,000. 
Lourdes Townshend of Multimodal  & Logistic Transports Magazine – Best Places In The World To Retire User Account
Panamá is well known internationally by her canal.  Through it, millions and millions of visitors and freight containers are moved on a daily basis, making this small country into one of top port hubs in the American continent, and very important in the world.
This is one reason why Panama is in constant change, converting the small towns of yesterday into the small cities of today, with private airports, cultural centers, historical museums, and the most bio-diversified people, primary forests, animals and exotic plants for the visitors to enjoy.
Along the country you can see visitors all the way, speaking different languages, with different budgets, and enjoying the country on their own way.
Usually Panama City is the main city, because it concentrates all the modern facilities in one place.  However, locals and foreigners are considering other cities for their homes and businesses, and these other cities have become fast growing.  The most popular are:  Colón, David, Chitré, Santiago, Chame and Coronado, Chorrera and Arraiján, Changuinola, Penonomé.  People are trying to bring more and more innovative things to their region.
JuliAnne Murphy of Panama Pacifico – Best Places In The World To Retire User Account
There is only one major city in the Republic of Panama - Panama.  And, just like New York, the name of the city is just that - Panama - without the word 'city' attached to it.
Panama has approximately 1.5 million residents (out of 3.3 million in the country).  The second largest city is David - which is four hours West of Panama, close to Costa Rica. David has approx. 100,000 residents.
Other than that, everything are much smaller pueblitos or small towns.

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