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Bob Gugel

Bob Gugel

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Origen Real Estate Panama
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Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Bob Gugel is a retired educator who has spent the majority of retirement as a tutor, personal coach, and substitute teacher in Newport Beach, California. In addition to being an academic leader, he also coached football, baseball, track, volleyball, and basketball, with several of his players graduating to professional athletic careers. He later earned his master's degree in history at Pepperdine University.

Since moving to Panama, he has focused his attention on assisting his wife Terry in building up their business in real estate in Panama. His 40 plus years of experience as a teacher, coach, and principal have been invaluable in helping to develop the business. Financial administration, organization, attention to detail, social and language skills, all learned and developed in a successful educational career, have been very applicable to the business world.

Bob now enjoys serving as a coach for the Gorillaz in the Panama Flag League. The PFL is a popular adult flag football league in Panama City. The goal of the team is to win the Coors Light Cup, the “Lombardi Trophy” of Panama.
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Orange County California
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Nueva Gorgona, Panama Oeste, Panama
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Community Q & A Questions Answered

Panamanians love holidays and they celebrate them enthusiastically. Besides the holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, celebrated throughout the world, the Republic of Panama celebrates a number of its own holidays. With a large Jewish population, Jew... Read More
The public school system in Panama does not have a very good reputation here. From what I have seen and understand, most schools have double sessions and some even have triple sessions. Children are already used to start school at 6 AM and end at 11 AM and the... Read More
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Expat Stories Posted

On September 7, the Panama men’s and women’s flag football national teams will be flying to Grosseto, Italy, for the International Federation of American Football Flag Football World Championship. Originally scheduled for August 13-15, in Jerusalem, the tournamen... Read More
~~One of the delightful things we enjoy about Panama is the lack of strict laws and regulations. It’s been said Americans live to work, Panamanians work to live. Recently, as I was glancing out our floor-to-ceiling windows in our Panama City 34th floor apartment, I s... Read More
The voting for the Panamanian presidential election will take place on the first Sunday in May. Voting is done on Sunday to ensure maximum voter participation. Presidential elections are held every five years, and presidents cannot succeed themselves. Under this... Read More
The Metro de Panama, the first subway system in Central America, started operating on April 5. Line 1 operates from Albrook to Los Andes, with 19 trains that make stops at 12 stations. It takes only 23 minutes to travel the length of the line. Seven stations are unde... Read More
At the culmination of Cancer Awareness Month, a huge rally was held on the last Sunday of October in Panamá City. Thousands of enthusiastic Panameños from all over the country marched down the length of the Cinta Costera in support of fund raising for cancer... Read More
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