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Luis Teixeira da Silva

Luis Teixeira da Silva

Name of Your Company or Organization
Algarve Senior Living
About Me
In my 25-year career I have been founder and/or CEO of several consulting, technology, real estate and leisure/travel firms.

My parents encouraged me to learn languages, so I speak and write 5, and understand a couple of others, which helps me with a variety of partners and clients. I have lived in 10 countries on 4 continents, and worked in 20+, which helps me to empathize just what it takes to move.

As the founder of Senior Living Villages (we trade as Algarve Senior Living for activities relating to Portugal), our company provides a range of solutions to seniors looking for long/winter stays or to move permanently to Southern Europe. The company provides end-to-end assistance to clients considering such an important and life-changing move.

The Algarve has become my family’s adopted home. I’m happy to have an initial chat with partners and clients about topics as wide-ranging as real estate, rentals, tax, transporting cars and pets, language courses, yoga and golf lessons, …
Where I’m From
South Africa, Portugal, Brazil, USA, Cape Verde, UK
Where I Live Now
Split between the UK and the Algarve
Countries Doing Business In
All services your organization provides
Apartments for rent
Investments and financial services
Land for sale
Medical tourism
Misc. service provider
Pet relocation
Real estate for rent
Real estate for sale
Relocation services
Touring and vacation packages
Vacation rentals
Retirement Housing / Services / Activities

Community Q & A Questions Answered

The cost of rent a home in Algarve varies based on what kind of home you are renting, how many bedrooms it has, whether it is an apartment or a villa, and so on. It also varies depending on the length of time that you intend to stay.   ... Read More
I think a woman would be better placed to respond to how women and girls are treated in Portugal, but I suppose I can provide a perspective. Women are generally respected in Portugal and having lived abroad for so many years and observing Portugal, I see a fon... Read More
The economy of the Algarve is mainly focused on tourism, which is the main economic driver here. There is a little bit of agriculture in particular with the production of local fruits such as oranges, carobs, almonds, etc. There is some fishing, including offs... Read More
People have the perception that the Algarve is more expensive than the rest of Portugal because it’s by far and away the most popular destination for foreign residents and tourists in Portugal. Although Algarve may be more expensive in some instances (fo... Read More
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