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Irma Quiroz-Yuque

Irma Quiroz-Yuque

Name of Your Company or Organization
Belize Vacation Homes
About Me
I am the co-founder of Belize Vacation Homes.

My husband and I rented for two years to make sure Belize was for us. After we were familiar with the area we settled in Northern Belize in the district of Corozal, and built our home on the bay. We are two people living on one pension very comfortably. If we can do it, so can you! Belize is UnBelizeAble!

We started Belize Vacation Homes Realty with a lovely Canadian family, one of whom is a realtor. She had the idea of a full service Real Estate Agency, so we partnered with them.

I have been pleased with Belize as an English speaking country with great healthcare and organic foods to eat. We love the cultural diversity and very friendly people. We have been blessed to have many friends, both Belizean and expats. There are so many things to do, that there is not enough time in the day to do it all. It has been a more stress free lifestyle. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

It has been a pleasure telling you my story
Where I’m From
Southern California
Where I Live Now
Corozal, Belize
Countries Doing Business In
All services your organization provides
Apartments for rent
Business(es) for sale
Hotel and B & B (1-5 Rooms)
Land for sale
Mortgages, title, escrow
Pet relocation
Property management
Real estate development
Real estate for rent
Real estate for sale
Vacation rentals
Construction / new
Construction / remodeling
Partnership / joint venture / investment opportunities
Commercial real estate construction and sales
Commerical real estate leasing

Community Q & A Questions Answered

For us, moving to Belize was easy. We started visiting in 2006 so every year we would come.  We started with 2 weeks then we came 3 weeks then we did a month then we finally decided to purchase land in 2009. We already had our dream in place to move to Be... Read More
The price of Internet connectivity in Belize varies because there are different options for service and it also depends on what area you live in.   There’s a big company called Smart that offers Internet throughout the entire country of Belize. This... Read More
You can buy online and have your purchase shipped to Belize.   We do have a lot of set ups here where you can walk in, order something from Amazon, eBay, or some other regular Internet store and you can have it shipped here. The only thing is that, of cou... Read More
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Expat Stories Posted

After years of visiting Belize, since 2006, we decided to leave the family, friends and acquaintances behind and start a whole new life in a new country. As per my family a Third world country at that. Needless to say we started making friends almost immediately. Bel... Read More

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