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  • Jade Wills of Maya Moon Marketing – Best Places In The World To Retire User Account
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    Posted April 11, 2013
    What do you need to know about Pet shipping to Panama, Pet travel to Panama and Pet Transport to Panama?
    I think you need to know that it's not an easy task but 
    you can do it yourself. It's all about timing and having the correct documents in hand. 
    There are several services that can help you through this process but I ended up doing it myself and everything worked out fine. 
    First of all, be sure and visit the Embassy of Panama online. They have the list of items you will need.
    Here is a step by step because it's hard to find on the website:
    • Log onto the Embassy of Panama dot org site.
    • Find services in the menu on the left and hover
    • Click on Consular services
    • ​Scroll down to the bottom and look for Traveling With Pets.
    On that page you will see a list of instructions and documents that are required. Just note that everything needs to be done within a 10 day time period so I advise using Fed-ex for all the shipping of documents etc. 
    *Also note that you will have to pay about a $130 (estimate) fee for home quarantine. You will pay this at the airport. I also paid another fee of $16 for an inspection of the dog and it's food upon arrival.
    *I suggest taking only a little food with you. You can buy good food in Panama like Royal Canin and Eukanuba at the Melo or La Rocha stores. Grocery stores carry Pedigree. Not many choices of bones or treats.
    * Please check with your airlines for further information regarding airline guidelines when you are traveling with pets.
    *Also take note of the Ministry of Health's hours because if you show up when they are closed they will quarantine your animal until they open and charge you for it. 
    * The Ministry of health requires that you send them a 3 day notice of your arrival and copies of documents. I did this and received an email confirmation response but when I arrived they said they never received my documents. I was lucky and they still processed my paperwork but they could have sent my dog back without question because of this. I recommend taking a copy of the email response you receive from them as proof just in case. 
    I hope theses few suggestions help. This is only my personal experience with this process and I am not a professional pet service.
    Best of luck! It's completely worth all the hassle to have your little love with you. 

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