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Alan Stone

Alan Stone

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Originally from England, then lived in Pedasi, in the Azuero Peninsula, Panama
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How much does food cost in Panama? I've noticed that food prices at the grocery stores in Panama get more expensive the further you move away from the city; maybe because it costs more to get it there. Anything American is more expensive, like c... Read More
Is Pedasi, Azuero Peninsula Panama safe?  Is it a safe place to live?  While Panama does rate with a high level of safety in Latin or South America, it’s the small town charm and security of  Los S... Read More
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Expat Stories Posted

If you like warm weather and a slower pace of life then Panama is a perfect place for you. I get tons of emails asking why I moved to Panama and what it’s like here. I say why not! Panama is affordable and gives me everything I need. There i... Read More

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